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  1. caution22113

    Masonic websites:
  2. caution22113

    Prince Hall Emancipation Proclamation service

    Roscoe C. Cartwright Lodge #129 Accokeek, MD 4th Masonic District
  3. caution22113

    Masonic Meeting Minutes

    Check your constitution regarding correspondence with "foreign" lodges. In my jurisdiction you would have to go through the Grand Secretary.
  4. caution22113

    Raised tonight!

    Are you going to the session this weekend?
  5. caution22113

    Raised tonight!

  6. caution22113

    Having your light taken

    The brotherly thing to do would be to educate the brother, rather than humiliating him.
  7. caution22113

    What was I supposed to say?

    Good answer. My follow-up question would be why do you think Masonry can help you find your purpose?
  8. caution22113

    Master Manson

    Bro. Delvin Cecil Junior Steward Roscoe C. Cartwright #129 Accokeek, MD
  9. caution22113

    Spiritual help

    Then you would probably stop paying dues and stop participating in lodge functions/events.
  10. caution22113


    Bro. Delvin Cecil Roscoe C. Cartwright Lodge No. 129 Accokeek, MD
  11. caution22113

    Points of the extended compass

    Towards me. That is the way I was received. It also reminds me to stay within the points of the compasses... "Check my behavior"
  12. caution22113

    Maryland PHA Masons

    JS Delvin Cecil Roscoe C. Cartwright Lodge No. 129 Accokeek, MD
  13. caution22113

    Masonic Tattoo

    Forget Me Not
  14. caution22113

    Boy pays it forward...

    You're never too old to be a student, nor too young to be teacher! Many lessons to be learned from that story.
  15. caution22113


    Roscoe C. Cartwright #129 PHA Accokeek, MD Sent From My Freemasonry Pro App
  16. caution22113

    Investigation question

    I was raised in June, and have not been on an IC yet. But I have been asked by several men "How do I become a Mason?" My reply is always, "Why do you want to be a Masom?" I believe that is the most important question. Although it is a simple question, most cannot answer it.
  17. caution22113

    Accepted Avatar for a EA

    Bro. Browncoat, I think it is unfair to cheat future brothers out of the opportunity to receive the information conferred or communicated in degrees first hand. My advise would be to remember the name you were given. At the very least, future brothers can receive their degrees "blindly", as all...
  18. caution22113


    I always meet a stranger on the first degree. My Freemasonry
  19. caution22113

    Regarding PHA members

    Great words Bro Jones! Freemason Connect Mobile