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  1. Rick Carver

    As the Sun Rises in the East

    As a long-standing Lodge Secretary, the WM no longer says, "Brother Secretary, retire and collect the usual fee" at the start of the First Degree Work. It has been modified to, "Brother Secretary, retire and take your usual pee."
  2. Rick Carver

    As the Sun Rises in the East

    The "equal regularity" is the hardest part. With old Masons, it often calls for prunes and laxatives...
  3. Rick Carver

    International Order of Gnostic Templars

    Anyone on here familiar with or have any ties to the International Order of Gnostic Templars? I am doing some research and could use some first-hand sources.
  4. Rick Carver

    How many offices ?????

    In Kansas the bylaws say you can only hold one position in the same lodge. You can be on multiple committees and hold positions in other lodges where you are a member.
  5. Rick Carver

    New MWSA site

    You should rename it the Secretary, Masters and Wardens Association. Masters and Wardens come and go, but the Secretary is forever.
  6. Rick Carver

    Why is Microsoft trying to ruin the internet?

    Microsoft is moving towards cloud-based applications (because they control and can sell cloud storage space as a recurring income source) and much of Windows 8 seems to heavily rely on your Microsoft account and its settings. Mine was set up years ago when my kids bought me an X-Box for...
  7. Rick Carver

    What would you like to see changed in the Masonic experience?

    I want to know about the plans to rule the world.
  8. Rick Carver

    Ancient Secrets Discovered

    The scientific world was shaken by the discovery of ancient Hebrew cave writings in the deserts of what is now Israel. Renowned scientists from all sects were flown in to study this artifact and to translate its meaning. After years of debate and arguments, they finally agreed on an...
  9. Rick Carver

    How many new lodges ?

    Kansas has started 3 new Lodges in the past 5 years, all of which are TO or specialty Lodges. During the same time frame, twice as many have folded or merged.
  10. Rick Carver

    Nine pointed star

    The ancients associated the number 9 with the goddess or female aspects of divinity. In modern times, Spiritualists have to associate this number with the unconscious. In our life experience, the Nine is like a regulator, helping us to process the discrepancies between the 7 (feeling/experience)...
  11. Rick Carver

    Masonic Meeting Minutes

    Ours are not specified as to how to write them or how to read them. Here are my templates. First Degree Work Second Degree Work Third Degree Work...
  12. Rick Carver

    One Day Masonic Class/Journey

    In my jurisdiction you are not required to pay dues until you are made a Master Mason. EA and FC Masons are not charged any dues, however the do pay an Initiation Fee. I always thought this seemed a bit odd, and it almost seems like it is the intention of the system to run new members through...
  13. Rick Carver

    Online Freemasonry

    I got my credentials to be an ordained minister and an Engineering PhD in the same place online. They were having a 2 for 1 sale.
  14. Rick Carver

    Being A LEO and A Freemason

    I am retired (on disability) from the Sheriff Dept after a helicopter crash. I would estimate that about 50% of the police in my city are members of our Lodge. There is a Lodge in Emporia named Justice Lodge that is made up of lawyers, judges and LEO. It is too far for me to travel to attend...
  15. Rick Carver

    Favorite degree postion

    I like to convey the Second Degree or do the Stair Lecture (but never both on the same night). If the Brother is receptive and I can do the ritual reasonably well, there is a lot of esoteric meat to pass along in that Degree.
  16. Rick Carver

    Criminal Background Check Resources

    Kansas has used for several years
  17. Rick Carver

    Shrine in Arkansas drops MM requirement

    It is a double-edged sword. I hate to see our Lodge go through the trouble (bad choice of words) to do good Ritual Work for a guy that we know is never going to attend a meeting and is here only so he can join the Shrine. Personally, I would take one guy who will be active in the Lodge over 10...
  18. Rick Carver

    Shriner and Lucifer

    If he would bother to research a bit, the interviewer would discover that before being banished from Heaven, Lucifer was known as the Angel of Light. This guy's whole belief system seems based on that "some guy" has told him. Clearly, this was an ambush interview and I have a suspicion that Bro...
  19. Rick Carver

    Anti masonic brother

    Freemasonry has never disappointed me, but its members often have. You have other Brothers. Look to them.
  20. Rick Carver

    What was I supposed to say?

    and I love green beans. I think it was an excellent answer. The intent of such a question is to eliminate those who seek the Secrets for the wrong reason, such as the belief it will help them gain a higher social status or be given some special edge in business dealings. IMHO, yours was the...