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  1. Benjamin Baxter

    What unit are you in your shrine?

    What unit are you a part of and what makes it the right one for you? Sent from my iPhone using My Freemasonry Mobile
  2. Benjamin Baxter

    Working on a project

    Ok, so I have a few masonic tattoos on my right arm. What is the best masonic or appendant body book that has symbols to continue on with a sleeve. Looking for cool ideas that will compliment as filler, etc. Sent from my iPad using My Freemasonry Mobile
  3. Benjamin Baxter

    Turned in my petition

    Well after being raised in 2012, ten years later I turned in petition for Moslah Shrine. Sent from my iPad using My Freemasonry Mobile
  4. Benjamin Baxter

    Commandery Questions

    I have a few questions: How many members does your Commandery have in its membership. How many show up to states conclave or called conclaves? Are the ones that show up serious? Does you commandery use a festival style degrees or do you do each degree or order separately? Class A uniform or...