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  1. Benton

    Inside An Abandoned Masonic Hall In Tappan, NY

    Very cool. Shame its just rotting. It would make such a beautiful museum!
  2. Benton

    Membership Statistics

    I've gone on this rant before, so I'll keep it short, but this really is one of the biggest problems are fraternity if facing. I'm recently graduated from college (25 years old) and was in two fraternities during my time there. Even amongst my fraternity brothers, I would wager that half of them...
  3. Benton

    Companions... Have you heard the proclamation...?

    Wow, that's one of the coolest things I think I've seen in awhile. :D
  4. Benton

    I'm back on World of Warcraft

    I've been bouncing through many MMO's lately. Nothing really seems to catch my attention long term. Hesitantly waiting for ESO to try it out and see what comes of it, but honestly trying to keep my expectations pretty low so as not to be disappointed.
  5. Benton

    The new web face of The Grand Lodge of Texas

    It's significantly improved over the old site, thats for sure. It looks like its moved into the 21st century finally, which I think is important. As a young man myself (25) its a pretty big turnoff to see websites that look like they were built in 1991 and haven't been updated since. The old...
  6. Benton

    Star Trek: Into Darkness

    Agreed. JJ makes a good action flick, but I'm not convinced he makes a good Trek flick. (Life long Trekkie here.) But as we are to leave politics and religion out of the lodge, I won't bring my pro Roddenberry agenda to the boards. ;)
  7. Benton

    Skull symbolism

    It's one of my favorite symbols as well. I've wanted to purchase a Memento Mori ring, but have held off as I'd be hesitant to wear it. As a band director, I occassionally have students ask about my ring, and I could definitely see parents complaining about a skull and crossbones ring. Maybe a...
  8. Benton

    Going to GL this year? Want an MoT meetup sometime?

    Wish I could attend. One of these days.... :(
  9. Benton

    Felony Record

    Skip has been banned, fyi. So you probably won't be receiving a response... :)
  10. Benton

    Ol' skip is at it again

    The ignorant are ignorant. If you present the facts, they still do not accept them, what can you do? He is one with which we must agree to disagree because you will not convert him.
  11. Benton


    Welcome to the community!
  12. Benton

    perpetual membership

    I've never heard of any such thing, at least not in my jurisdiction. Maybe another brother can help you out?
  13. Benton


    I thought it was pretty good as well. It had its flaws, and didn't really live up to my expectations, but I was pleased with it.
  14. Benton

    Clandestine Freemasons

    I don't think clandestine Masons should be banned. I feel that anyone should be allowed to participate in the boards, regular, clandestine, or non-mason, so long as they hold to the community's standards and don't violate the TOS.
  15. Benton

    Suit & Tie/Tuxedo or Casual/Plain Clothes

    If you wore a tux in any Texas lodge I've ever seen, you'd stick out just as much. I'm sure there are a few that wear tuxes, but they're definitely in the minority, I think.
  16. Benton

    Suit & Tie/Tuxedo or Casual/Plain Clothes

    Coat and Tie (not necessarily a suit) for degrees, nice khakis and a nice shirt for stated meetings typically. Practice nights, I just come in whatever I'm wearing that day. But as others have said, if another brother doesn't come to a degree in a suit, it doesn't bother me one bit, I'm just...
  17. Benton

    Are fourm threads to stimulate Discussion

    Ah, well, some people want to argue more than discuss. That's human nature. Don't take it personally. Just remain even keeled and civil. I hate to say it, but sometimes you have to 'be the better man' so to speak. I think the key isn't to let it escalate.
  18. Benton

    Are fourm threads to stimulate Discussion

    Can you elaborate in your question a bit more? I'm not sure I understand what you're asking.
  19. Benton

    Felony Record

    Missed this when I glanced through the thread. I suppose it answers my question. :)
  20. Benton

    Felony Record

    Closed because of duplicate threads. EDIT: Duplicate thread found here.