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  1. Txmason

    Buying a watch

    Howdy Bros! I am in search of a new watch. The two watches both invicta watches and about $50 each. I have had one fixed, but it has stopped working completely and keeping the right date and time. I have looked everywhere. From Dillard's to Macy's and jewelry stores. Except for a few local...
  2. Txmason

    New to Facebook

    I would like to start my own facebook page but I am not sure where to start. I am a realtor and professional photographer. One question I have is how can I manage both? My true passion is photography and am starting up my own business after being in school getting my degrees. Plus I am...
  3. Txmason

    Stylus for iPad air

    I have a 64GB iPad air black in an otter box defender case. I have aver tried two stylus, both a wacoms. One $30 and the other $79.00 Should I get a different iPad protector for my iPad? If so which one ? What other stylus do you recommend?
  4. Txmason

    Branding Business Question

    Hi! I'm Bro. Jerry Johnston and just became a realtor. I would like to know if there are any brothers that specialize in branding businesses? Such as a custom logo, business cards etc. I am unique as not only am I a realtor, but a professional photographer and would like to in corporate both...
  5. Txmason


    Any fellow photographers currently or soon to be studying for their Certified Professional Photographer endorsement by PPA? I just applied and got accepted. I would really like to take my photography to the next level and would love some help. I shoot Canon gear and would like to know if there...
  6. Txmason

    Wordpress Help

    Howdy! I'm Bro. Jerry Johnston and I finally have soft of designed a better lodge website using weebly, but would like to use Wordpress. Weebly is good but it does not have a good way for me to put all of our photos online ( I am the lodge photographer) and would love some help. One step by...
  7. Txmason

    Getting a smartphone

    Howdy Bros. I have a good friend (yes a lady friend) whom had her phone stolen a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III and she didn't have insurance on it. What does it cost to get another phone or how do you buy a used one? What about a SIM card? Best, Jerry Freemason Connect Mobile
  8. Txmason

    Flight Simulator Fans

    Howdy Brothers! As the title suggests, I am interested in hearing from fellow flight simulator pilots. I will be getting an imac soon and would like to know, can I fly x-plane on an imac online? I have flown before using Microsoft flight simulator, and flew online via, and flew for...
  9. Txmason

    Getting a Mac

    Howdy Brothers! I am starting a new career in real estate and have the opportunity to buy my first computer. I have used pc's for years and would like everyone's input on owning a Mac. I went to the apple store in the woodlands yesterday and spoke with one of the employees about purchasing a...
  10. Txmason

    Help with web hosting/domain name

    Howdy y'all ! Our lodge currently has a website through 1 and 1 ( And we are looking for a lower cost way for us to have our website. When we started out it was $10.00 a month now it's almost $80.00 every three months. What is the best way to go about all of this? We want to...
  11. Txmason

    Texting question

    I have an Apple iphone 5 and met a great gal. She does not have a smartphone but has texting. I do not have a texting plan. Is there an app I can use to text her with without paying AT&T $30 a month for an unlimited text plan? Merry Christmas y'all! We should have a Masons of Texas get...
  12. Txmason

    Brother Firefighters/Photographers

    Howdy! I'm Bro. Jerry Johnston and I have signed up to be a volunteer firefighter again. I was previously back in 2000 before I continued on to college. What I would like to know is, If there are any brother masons out their that are either full-time or volunteer firefighters that are in the...
  13. Txmason

    Help Tracking Stolen iPhone 3Gs

    Today, October 30, 2012 my dad lost his iphone3Gs I gave him. I have the FindMyPhone feature activated on the 3GS and spoke with Apple. Currently, the phone is offline. And when I call the phone it goes straight to voicemail. My question for you brothers is what do I do now? Do I need to notify...
  14. Txmason

    Ham Radio

    Any brothers out there Ham Radio Operators? I attended a ACRES event Saturday and hopefully will be taking a class to get my technician license. There is a class on July 14 and 21. With the test on the 21. Any suggestions advice welcome! Best, Jerry
  15. Txmason

    How to get internet

    I have a computer that I had hooked up to a phone line via a fax machine and I got rid of the fax machine and second phone line for the fax machine. My question is how do I get my computer online again? Our family has wifi via the phone company's router downstairs. I bought a USB wifi device...
  16. Txmason

    Ipad 2 or Ipad 3?

    I am interested in purchasing my first iPad. I have an iphone 4 and love it! I would enjoy everyone's suggestion as to wether to buy an iPad 2 now or the IPad 3 or wait until October of this year to see if apple releases something else. Best, Bro. Jerry Sent from my iPhone using Freemasonry
  17. Txmason

    email Question need help please

    On my moms laptop she accesses AOL to check her email using the newest version of Firefox (the version before the one that just came out optimized for AOL). I have disabled the plugins for Firefox. My problem is this: When my mom goes to enter a letter to put the persons name in compose...