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  1. Ed Nelson

    When do you wear your Master Masons Ring?

    Having just joined the Knights Templar, I purchased a new ring. I wear my masonic rings all the time (1 at a time), I just switch them out as the mood strikes me.
  2. Ed Nelson

    Favorite Degree?

    The EA degree holds a deep place in my heart. It was the start of my masonic journey, and the newness and strangeness of what was happening makes is special to me. The MM is my favorite. The ritual is deeply meaningful and I feel I became a true master mason the night I was raised. Conversely...
  3. Ed Nelson

    Choosing Your Mark

    I'm in the process of choosing my mark right now. After the Mark Master degree, the Secretary showed me the book of marks, and I see some brothers have gone waaaaaay overboard with their marks...intricate, stylized designs od pictures and symbols that could never be chiseled into a stone. I am...
  4. Ed Nelson

    Your Ring

    My ring
  5. Ed Nelson

    Mason's Wives and Regalia

    This is her charm bracelet.
  6. Ed Nelson


    45 Orland Laurel #245
  7. Ed Nelson


    In 1870, there were several thousand Masons in Manhattan, many of whom lunched at the Knickerbocker Cottage at a special table on the second floor. There, the idea of a new fraternity for Masons stressing fun and fellowship was discussed. Walter M. Fleming, M.D., and William J. Florence took the...
  8. Ed Nelson

    Mason's Wives and Regalia

    My wife has a nice charm bracelet and I fashioned a blue slipper necklace pendant into a charm for her. Orland Laurel #245
  9. Ed Nelson

    Has anyone lost faith with being a Mason?

    This is the 1st time I have logged in since I wrote that first post above. My wife spent 3 months in the hospital. 6 weeks in the Neuro-Trauma ICU 2 weeks in the ICU step down unit 2 weeks in rehab She (we) finally got to go home and had 2 weeks of homecare therapies To date, not a single...
  10. Ed Nelson

    Has anyone lost faith with being a Mason?

    Edited to remove...I should not have posted this. It was very I masonic of me. Orland Laurel #245
  11. Ed Nelson

    Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl Commercial Links Freemasonry to Satan

    Who knew the Devil was an Entered Apprentice??
  12. Ed Nelson

    Refreshment Recipe
  13. Ed Nelson

    Cajun masons, I need your help!
  14. Ed Nelson

    Blackballed.Whats next?

    Before you re-petition, ask your sponsor to take you to some lodge functions open to the public (officer installations, public information night, dinners before a stated meeting, etc). This will allow the brothers of the lodge to get to know you. Sometimes it's hard to vote in someone who you...
  15. Ed Nelson

    Brother Norman Schwarzkopf!
  16. Ed Nelson

    Are Tattoos permissable ?

    I raised some eyebrows when the members of my lodge saw me initiated with my 2 half-sleeves, a chest piece, and two tattoos on my back. Most came up to me afterwords and complemented the colorful work. Not a single person said anything negative.
  17. Ed Nelson

    Grand and Glorious Order of the Knights of the Creeping Serpent Aka The Snakes
  18. Ed Nelson

    Grand Lodge of California revokes recognition of The Snakes

    December 28, 2012 From: John F. Lowe, Grand Master To: All Grand Officers All Past Grand Masters All Past Grand Officers All District Inspectors All Lodge Masters All California Masons RE: Revocation of Any and All Recognition of, or Permission for...
  19. Ed Nelson

    The Widow's Sons

    The short answer is: Why not? I am very active in Masonry. I choose to surround myself with men with similar interests, values, and ideals. I could (and have) ride with a different group of people, but Masonry is a very important component of my life, as is motorcycles. There are clearly other...
  20. Ed Nelson

    What does Masonry mean to you?

    I had never really even heard of Freemasonry when I was growing up until 2000, when I was 33. In 2000, my wife's 14 year old cousin had surgery at the Northern California Shriners Hospital to correct her scoliosis. My wife and I drove the 1½ hour drive nearly every day for a week during her...