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  1. usar123

    My name is Lawrence Anderson

  2. usar123

    New member

    Welcome Brother
  3. usar123

    Fraternal Swords Aren't Always Masonic

    Great info brother Chris I enjoyed the article !
  4. usar123


    Welcome !
  5. usar123

    Wages of a FC

    Wow that’s Awesome work brother !
  6. usar123

    GL of South Carolina Expels PGM Cal Disher

    I know them all ! Did not know the charges against them all I can say wow !
  7. usar123

    Bazillionare Elon Musk Twitters "Freemasons"; Masons Go Wild

    I see ! A lot of people will always criticize when having no knowledge of the Fraternity thanks for sharing !
  8. usar123

    Ohio's Chad Simpson Passes Away

    My Condolences goes out to family of Brother Chad ! I have heard of him through another brother of the KY lodge I have been visiting, Brother Chad had a wealth of knowledge as I see brother Chris that was a great write up thank you !
  9. usar123

    Thoughts on a PhD Dissertation

    It is a a broad topic when we talk about Religion and Free Masonry , you may incorporate the Templars because they played a big role defending Jerusalem in that era this is my opinion my brother!
  10. usar123

    Visitation by MEGHP to my Chapter

    That’s Awesome Brother !
  11. usar123


    Yes I also concur ! Any undertaking like this talk with your Grand Lodge !
  12. usar123

    Brother Seeks Kidney Transplant Donor

    Will do my brother! I got this out to other Lodges in KY and South Carolina !
  13. usar123

    DeMolay exemplification for the Lodge

    I worked with the DeMolays in Tennessee a great Platform to Instill Masonry in these Young boys !
  14. usar123

    501st Legion

    That’s Cool !
  15. usar123


    Hello Brother
  16. usar123

    Master Mason Pocket Certificate

    No telling that’s for sure !