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    Can a MM join as a youth?

    We recently had a brother join as soon as he turned 18.
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    Masonic Globes on Pillars

    I've done some searching in the forums here and haven't been able to find what I'm looking for. My lodge is need of replacing the world and celestial globes on our 2 pillars. Does anyone know if there are any Masonic vendors that sell these globes? I've checked McCoy and there doesn't appear...
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    What units/clubs are you a member?

    In the Clown unit (Sawdust- Clown name), Hosp Transport Unit and now the Circus Daddy for the next few years.... HELLA Shrine, Dallas, Tx
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    Georgia Freemasons

    Yes.. I have.... me. :001_cool:
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    Investigation Committee

    I still find it surprising & disappointing as to how many still don't perform very good background investigations on petitioners. Even having tools on the internet @ our disposal, many still don't know how to use these free tools. I believe until this is fixed (or learned), our guarding of the...
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    Are they legit?

    International Free & Ancient Modern Masons. I'm thinking clandestine right?
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    How to make sure your lodge is legit?

    is there a phone app that shows a list of recognzed lodges by GLoT?
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    Investigation Committee

    Curious to know if there are some here who may have documents or presentations willing to share on methods of how they perform investigations.... ie.. tools used like Google, myspace, facebook, etc..
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    Does GLoT allow Wiccans to become TX masons?

    I read much on this topic, but never a clear answer. If the answer is NO, & a lodge still permits it to happen what are the consequences for that lodge? Seems to be a hot topic in some areas & yet isn't CLEARLY mandated by GLoT.
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    A Masonic "Bill of Rights". Is it needed? Is it possible?

    Re: A Masonic "Bill of Rights". Is it needed? Is i Wow... Arkansas continues to have Grand Lodge leadership problems. When will that infrastfucture be taken down and rebuilt again? How much longer will this embaressment continue? Sad times for Arkansas masons....
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    Investigation Committee

    Being charged but not convicted of a felony is 2 completly different things. However, even that depends on the Lodge being solicited as some still go by "local" rules of preference.
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    Fundrasing ideas?

    How about a Treasure hunt? Get about $100 worth of Sackagewea(i can't spell) gold dollars from the bank. Put them in a box and bury it somewhere. Make a map with a hunch of clues (make it kinda hard) and have people walk around alot for following clues. Make it for a 2 person team & one must be...
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    Visitation between A.F.&A.M and F&A.M

    I think some are under misconception that F&AM and AF&AM are Mainstream and PHA which is not the case at all. I was raised in a F&AM(GA) and now reside in Texas under a AF&AM lodge(endowed member). Both are "mainstream or Blue" lodges. I heard that same comment/assumption about a month ago from...
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    Well said.... I couldn't agree more. Waaaayyyyyyyyy too much pushing it out there. Personally I have a "peeve" with the word "gay" and it's new meaning. When I was growing up that word had an entirely different meaning. I've never understood why a word had to take on a new meaning when the...
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    Although there are opportunities for Masons to enjoy relaxation & enjoyment outside the Masonic craft, I believe Shriners is much more than that. I see that there is more family functions, events, gatherings, etc... The Shrine I belong to constantly reminds us of our Masonic roots & why we...
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    Drinking Age

    It was kinda ironic that at 17 I wasn't allowed to drink or vote, yet I was in the military (volunteered) & ready to do whatever it took for my country. Actually I even had to have permission to marry since I was a Texan and I was under 21 yrs old. I still have the document issued by a JP giving...
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    Texas is a conservative state & although certain things are recognized (ie... wiccans, homosexuality, etc) doesn't necessarily mean they're accepted and by recognized I mean that it is known that it exists. Even further yet, doesn't mean they (recognized or viewed cultures or lifestyles) are...
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    Would u return the sign

    I recall years ago while in the military (Ft Sill, OK) of a black woman coming up to me at a ball game and gving me a MM token. Talk about getting caught off guard.... LOL Of course I said or returned nothing & she proceeded to recite & say things that just threw me for a loop. I had never...
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    Master's Hat

    I have a hat that is made by & I'm always getting compliments & asked where I got it. Many say it makes a great WM hat. It's a palm leaf hat, but if you check the web site you'll see it's really pretty neat looking. Mine is the top hat & one that looks like the "Abe Lincoln"...
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    Greetings from Tahlequah, Oklahoma! Cherokee Lodge

    Re: Greetings from Tahlequah, Oklahoma! Cherokee L Hey Bro Wooten, Just noticed your last name and was wondering if you have any "kin" in Texas? I have a buddy of mine that I went to school with S. Texas (Brian Wooten). He was actually a Navy Brat born in Waukegan, Il while his dad was still...