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  1. rmorenc

    Streaming Music Services?

    I've used Spotify for a number of years and am extremely satisfied with it. I like that it lets you create offline playlists, import your own music, and works when outside the U.S.
  2. rmorenc

    Visiting UGLE temple in London

    There shouldn't be. They do give tours of the lodge rooms at set times, so you may need to check with them to find out what those times are. The museum is quite impressive, lots of historical artifacts in there. I visited last September and could have easily spent more time there than I did...
  3. rmorenc

    Multiple Lodge Memberships

    I'm a member of C.F. Spencer #1384 and Tranquility #2000 (Grand Lodge of Texas) and Level #41 (Grand Lodge of India). I joined Level #41 as I'm on a several year expat assignment here, and their custom is to have a visitor formally join the lodge instead of remaining a visitor for a long time.
  4. rmorenc

    Straight, Double Edge Safety, or Cartridge Razor

    Re: Straight, Double Edge Safety, or Cartridge Raz I've been using Art of Shaving's sandalwood oil, cream, and aftershave lotion for years. Their store is nearly as dangerous to my wallet as an Apple Store! My Freemasonry HD
  5. rmorenc

    Masonic lodges in india

    Indeed, there is quite an active community, though the lodge buildings themselves (called "Temples" in my town of Pune) can be hard to find. There are also lodges running under "English Charter" and "Irish Charter" as well as under Grand Lodge of India. When I arrived in Pune as an expat last...
  6. rmorenc

    Visiting Internationally

    I contacted the Grand Lodge of India directly once I moved here to inquire about what lodge to attend, especially since I was not sure which lodges met in English. Luckily they were very welcoming, and put me in touch with a great lodge here outside of Pune. Now we are trying to navigate the...
  7. rmorenc

    The new web face of The Grand Lodge of Texas

    I second that re: Godaddy. When we had the IORG Grand Assembly of Texas site hosted on Godaddy (using Drupal 6.x at the time) it was extremely slow. Static pages worked extremely fast, so Godaddy support-when they got around to replying several days after a ticket submission- refused to...
  8. rmorenc

    Help with web hosting/domain name

    I've been using Hostgator for several years and have been very pleased with them. Pricing is competitive with other places, and their customer support is outstanding. I had used Godaddy in the past for hosting, but the speed / response time for the Drupal-powered site I administer became very...
  9. rmorenc

    Interested in membership in Fort Worth, TX

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  10. rmorenc

    iOS 6 Beta

    It appears to be working for me (iOS 6b3, factory-unlocked 4S), but I noticed that it didn't save a non-HDR copy.
  11. rmorenc

    Diablo III

    Every bit as fun and more. My wife and I ran through several mice between us playing Diablo II in college (the left buttons literally gave out), and III is just as fun. Compared to WoW it's quite different in ways, though they have similarities. D3 is much more of an individual / small group...