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  • Au point ou on en est, je recommende que l'on fasse une étude sérieuse sur l'effet du exccè de prière. Je me rend compte que pour plus que des gens prient, ils ne se rendent pas meilleurs que les autres, et même, je soupçonne que cet exccè ne leurs faient pas de bien à leurs bien être. J'explique, la prière trop répété enlève les bien faits de la méditation, et attention aux fanatismes irrationnels qui peuvent naîtrent; voilá l'hypothèse, aux études de dire les résultats!!! (je n'ai vu cet effet pratique qu'au Portugal)
    About Morality:
    What interest in a man for the eyes of GOD?
    Is it what a man is doing what in a bed? With his wife? Alone?
    "Quelle honte" about judgement!
    "As the system of healthy people is not unique to the sick, do not want to govern a people corrupted by the same laws that suit a good people. Nothing better proves the maxim that the length of the Venetian Republic , whose simulacrum still exists, only because its laws are suitable only for wicked men. " The social contract or principles of political right, Jean-Jacques Rousseau.
    Hello, I am thinking no one Master can become Master without to understand Kant!!! The fact is without right understanding, masons are in bad judgement!!! ..... It help us to have better morality (right for men) with, of course, the help of Sciences!!!
    Thank you for accept me like "Brother". Brother, isn't? I am living in Portugal (it´s hard to making understand things). Tell me something, if one day i will need help; what can the freemasons can do for me??? I am in different ways about intelligence (economic/politic/science/social....).
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