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  1. jmflores

    Which one was the most diffcult?

    My mentor who is teaching me my work, Bro. Ken Rowe PM told me that his father who was also a brother specifically told him that the EA is so long because its meant to test the student's desire to advance, and if the student really wants to do so he would have the willingness to learn the EA...
  2. jmflores

    Master Mason Degree at Oak Forest Lodge #1398

    Thanks, I hope that all goes well with your petition, it can take some time but with determination, honesty, and patience you will do great.
  3. jmflores

    Master Mason Degree at Oak Forest Lodge #1398

    Brethren, Zaden and I will both be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason on Saturday March 22, 2014, and will be from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm. If you are in the area, please drop by, and we would be happy to meet you on this special occasion. We were informed that there will also be a few...
  4. jmflores

    Bill and John Chili Supper at Oak Forest Lodge

    That Chili was GOOOOOOOD, The Bill Chili was the best with prime ground beef, beans, bacon, tomatoes, and just the right spices!!! Reagan Lodge #1037 won the attendance award for most brethren from their lodge in attendance, there were visiting brethren from other lodges in the northwest Houston...
  5. jmflores

    I'm Being Raised...

    Congratulations Brother, I too will be raised in a few weeks. I am so excited and humbled by the journey.
  6. jmflores

    EA Degree tonight

    For sure what Zaden said. It was great, and I'm sure that you'll have a great evening!
  7. jmflores

    3 heart touching Inspirational stories

    Those are great! I saw the last video it went viral, and to think many people told her to abort her child, how can you say that. I am pro-life myself.
  8. jmflores

    Waiting for the Ballot.

    Brother how did your ballot go?? Hope for the best. Freemason Connect HD
  9. jmflores

    Waiting for the Ballot.

    Just to inform yall Brothers, Zaden (Wes) and I passed our ballots and were voted in tonight at Oak Forest Lodge #1398!!!! Freemason Connect HD
  10. jmflores

    Waiting for the Ballot.

    Thanks and I also hope for the best for you as well, when will you know?? Freemason Connect Mobile
  11. jmflores

    Waiting for the Ballot.

    Yes indeed Bro. Colby, thanks! Freemason Connect Mobile
  12. jmflores

    The Lord

    You are right that not all Masons worship the Lord God. Freemason Connect Mobile
  13. jmflores

    Waiting for the Ballot.

    Thanks for all of your support. :) Freemason Connect Mobile
  14. jmflores

    Waiting for the Ballot.

    I hope you will be accepted, and wish you the best brother. Freemason Connect Mobile
  15. jmflores

    Waiting for the Ballot.

    My interviews are over and they turned out great, now I am patiently awaiting the Ballot and the results, the next two weeks will be hard but I will diligently await the Stated meeting while I will try to keep busy reading about Freemasonry, Zaden will be also waiting alongside myself. I'm sure...