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  1. FlBrother324

    Tips or advise

    My Brother, Just a few things: When giving it back to your mentor, just speak to him as if you were the only people in the room. Just have a conversation like you would if you were talking in your living room at home. Practice at the same speed you would normally speak at. Don' t think...
  2. FlBrother324

    Hutchinsonian Theory

    I wondered where people got the idea that Adam was the first Mason.?... Interesting theory, but if it were true, our degree work is just a bit flawed!??! Hmmmmmmmmmm... Very interesting stuff though. I will keep an open mind, but will continue down the path of Light I was taught to follow.
  3. FlBrother324

    demiting from prince hall mason to mainstream

    My Br. Draekell, I would strongly suggest you contact the Grand Lodge Jurisdiction in your state (verify it to be "main-stream" & "recognized/legitimate"), advise them as to your current status regarding PH affiliation. They can advise you which Lodges are in your area to which you can...
  4. FlBrother324

    One black ball?

    My Brothers, It is the responsibility of the WM to validate the total number of votes in the ballot box, as well as the outcome of the vote that corresponds to Brothers voting. If the numbers don't match, the vote is invalid and must be redone. No voting Brother present may abstain from voting.
  5. FlBrother324

    Advice for a new lodge secretary?

    My apologies Brother, Some secretary I'd make, I can't even spell "Brother" correctly. If you didn't catch it before I mistakenly typed Bother in the original salutation! OOOOPS! 1st you're not a "bother", 2nd hopefully you'll forgive my fat thumbs and small phone pad. AAAARRGH! :-)( God...
  6. FlBrother324

    Advice for a new lodge secretary?

    Hello my Brother, The answers given by the two preceding Brothers about sums it up! Except I hope you are retired, or independently wealthy???... Lodge Secretary is the most important and time consuming job there is in a Lodge. A secretary can make or break a Lodge. If they do their job well...
  7. FlBrother324

    One black ball?

    Has anyone been present at a vote when every black cube was cast that was in the ballot box? I was present, when the last Brother to vote asked if there were any more black cubes? He cast his vote with what was available. Prior to the vote, several Brothers addressed the Craft with important...
  8. FlBrother324

    Will SJR Scottish Rite members be Clandestine now?

    Re: Will SJR Scottish Rite members be Clandestine Thank you Br. Freyburger for the information. So presently there's a little over 20% that still don't have visitation? Sadly ours is one of those without. But when we tried offering recognition the PHA in our state passed for unknown reasons...
  9. FlBrother324

    Where did you get your 1st MM RIng?

    Very special bond there, a lot of Masonic knowledge to share in your family. Puts a lump in my throat. May God's Blessings be upon our Brother (your Grandpa), and you my Brother in all your travels. Just know that your Grandpa's Light will always shine upon you from his ring. Really cool feeling...
  10. FlBrother324

    Shrine in Arkansas drops MM requirement

    My Bothers, There is so much at risk here... Besides the danger of loosing so many Brothers that will be forced to choose between their Blue Lodge Masonic Roots, and the more relaxed fair of the Shrine, is the overwhelming risk and potential loss of so much more. To continue entertaining this...
  11. FlBrother324

    What is Freemasonry?

    Well said Br. Blake. You've hit the proverbial "nail on the head"!!! WOW! :SNC::thumbup:
  12. FlBrother324

    Will SJR Scottish Rite members be Clandestine now?

    Re: Will SJR Scottish Rite members be Clandestine Can anyone tell me what State's Grand Jurisdiction allows visitation along with recognition? I know mine has neither at this time from either "side of the coin", PHA or otherwise.
  13. FlBrother324

    Where did you get your 1st MM RIng?

    Quite an honor to be given and shared. Your family must be very happy and proud of you for carrying on the Masonic family tradition as you have. Will you wear your Great Grandfather's ring when you become the WM of your Lodge? Or for special ceremonies?
  14. FlBrother324

    Where did you get your 1st MM RIng?

    Re: Where did you get your 1st MM RIng?o [RIGHT] Very nice! Have never seen one like it. Enjoy!
  15. FlBrother324

    Where did you get your 1st MM RIng?

    I have never seen a ring (the one in the middle of photo) like that before. Quite unique, and impressive too! Very nice,was it custom made?