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  1. Bill Lins

    My second daughter

  2. Bill Lins

    Masonic Werewolves

    The book or the dinner?
  3. Bill Lins

    Skull and crossbones in S&C

    What is your obedience, my Brother?
  4. Bill Lins

    Irregular Masonic Bodies Operating in Texas

    OR they got expelled from regular (or other) obedience.
  5. Bill Lins

    Excited to become active again

    The answer to your question depends upon the rules of your Grand Lodge. Ask your Lodge Secretary- if he doesn't know, he can & should find out.
  6. Bill Lins

    Need a little guidance

    I read the original post as stating that he is in the US illegally. I know of no US Grand Lodge that would accept him under those circumstances.
  7. Bill Lins

    Lodge Officer Duties - Marshal

    In our Grand Lodge, the Grand Junior Deacon attends to alarms @ the outer door. Much like warrant officers, no one really seems to know what the Grand Pursuivant does. ;-)
  8. Bill Lins

    Lodge Officer Duties - Marshal

    Does your jurisdiction have a "Grand Pursuivant"? GLoTX does.
  9. Bill Lins

    Need a little guidance

    It, IMHO, would be best to wait until you are legal. Most, if not all, Grand Lodges have residency requirements, so you would have to fulfill them regardless.
  10. Bill Lins

    Foosball, pool tables, and televisions.

    Yeah- it's a mystery...
  11. Bill Lins

    Foosball, pool tables, and televisions.

    I've learned a lot by hanging around geezers & now I are one! ;-)
  12. Bill Lins

    Masons on sight

    Art. 35. (35). Mason at Sight Prohibited. The Grand Master has no power or authority to make Masons at sight. This Grand Lodge will not recognize any mode of making Masons in this Jurisdiction other than in a regular Lodge and after previous investigation, regular election and due inquiry into...
  13. Bill Lins

    Masons on sight

    It is specifically prohibited under GLoTX.
  14. Bill Lins

    Lodge Endowments & Demitting in Texas...

    As you cannot take your endowment with you, there is no reason to demit.